About sabi

Sabi, a 22 year old who now calls Melbourne home. Keeps busy with music projects involving music publishing, and her own little company, Maths and Magic. Keen listener and supporter of Australian music, and lover of live music. Often found tweeting here, and occasionally blogging over at Mismatch.tv.

She started this site in 2008 as another means of supporting Australian music.

She isn’t really used to talking about herself in third person.


10 responses to “About sabi

  1. Haha, I think you’re doing a brilliant job Sabi! Your ability to talk third person is priceless! 🙂

  2. Hey Sabi! I’d love to be able to add your email to our database so I can send you new Aussie music before mainstream media gets their hands on it. Check out our website and send me an email if you’d be interested.

  3. Hi Sabi – First of all, I admire your passion for your craft and for discovering your “calling” at such an early age. That’s fantastic. I love your blog and wanted to know if you know any bloggers in the Australian Country Music scene?

  4. Hey Sabi, would you mind if I linked into your site? It’s still providing a great inspiration for our music choices on the Walk of Shame (Bondi Fm). Cheers!

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