Five for September Mixtape

Trying something new on this old music blog of mine. I present to you the beginning of a monthly mixtape, featuring five songs I can’t stop playing.

Skipping Girl Vinegar – West Coast
Skipping Girl Vinegar return with a blissful indie-pop tune from a forthcoming third album. ‘West Coast’ captures the infectious energy of the band, and with a generous dose of ooh ooh ooh’s and la la la’s, this one is sure to spark a crowd sing-along.

Castlecomer – Forrest
Sydney’s Castlecomer are onto something good with ‘Forrest’,  gorgeous five part harmonies and a playful melody. So very, very good.

Animaux – Alaska
This one is quickly becoming a favourite track of 2013, a song ‘about exploration, isolation and not wanting to go home.’ ‘Alaska’ showcases a different sound for the seven-piece band with attention drawn to the captivating female vocals.

Papa vs Pretty – My Life Is Yours
Very excited to hear new material from Papa vs Pretty’s second album, and ‘My Life Is Yours’ does not disappoint. It  begins slowly with piano and soft vocals before  building to a chaotic mix of backing vocals, guitar, strings and Rawle’s striking vocals. Welcome back Papa vs Pretty.

Eliza Hull – Christopher
Another sublime offering from Eliza Hull, the atmospheric and dreamy ‘Christopher‘ is taken from a forthcoming EP titled The Ghosts You Never Catch. The subtle beats and instrumentation allow Hull’s incredible vocals to shine through.


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