Three for Today #24 – (The Lions Children, Tully on Tully and Grand Pavilion)

Hello 2013! Here’s some music for you!

The Lions Children – She Knows
The debut single from this Brisbane five piece is damn catchy. ‘She Knows’ is sure to have you bouncing around the house and singing along. It’s an upbeat track that launches into a vocal interplay between the two vocalists. I’m sure it won’t be long until this band follows in the footsteps of fellow Brisbane bands like The Jungle Giants and Cub Scouts.

Tully on Tully – Stay (feat. Hayden Calnin) 
Melbourne’s Tully on Tully have returned with a new single and it’s a fantastic follow up to ‘Naked’. Natalie Foster’s soaring vocals are highlighted by the instrumentation and arrangement of the track. Before you know it Hayden Calnin‘s gorgeous vocals are introduced and it all just works so well. More please.

Grand Pavilion – Footsteps
A Brisbane band that features members of Cold and Need, The Belligerents and Aperfectcleft. Beginning as an electronic/instrumental track with female vocals mixed in, ‘Footsteps’ starts to take shape when Tom Hunt’s vocals kick in. A well produced track, with a great chorus “Expectations/I swear I’ve got the best intentions/and you won’t be holding me down” ‘Footsteps’ is taken from the band’s debut self titled album out now.


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