Three for Today #21 – (Jed Appleton, Chance Waters and Bek Sarkoezy)

Earlier this month I had the pleasure of writing a post for one of my favourite sites, Who the Hell Are They? I wrote about Thelma Plum’s stunning track, Father Said. Read the review here.

Myself and two fellow Melbourne music bloggers are in the midst of setting up a new site devoted to Melbourne music. Like on Facebook to find out more.

And without further a due, this month’s current favourite tunes.

Jed Appleton – Life Full of Lies
Comparisons to the likes of Stu Larsen and Passenger spring to mind on first listen of young singer-songwriter Jed Appleton. Life Full Of Lies is a delicate folk song, featuring female backing vocals that compliment Appleton’s voice beautifully. There are moments in the song that really highlight Appletons various vocal tones, and it makes me think it’s worth keeping an eye on this young musician.

Chance Waters – Maybe Tomorrow (ft. Lilian Blue)
Now for something a little different. Maybe Tomorrow by Sydney’s Chance Waters is a delightful mix of hip hop and pop featuring the vocals of Lilian Blue in the chorus. The upbeat tempo and lyrics keep drawing me back for another listen.

Bek Sarkoezy – Things To Do In Winter
Gently strummed chords are repeated as Bek Sarkoezy‘s voice (similar to that of Laura Marling, Sarah Blasko) floats above. The song eventually builds up to a chorus of layered vocals. The recording is a bit rough, but the potential is there. I recommend having a listen to Siren Song.

Until next time,



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