Three for Today #20 – (Kurt Sines, Mt Warning and Little Casino)

Some tunes I’ve found myself listening to lately.

Kurt Sines – Cloud Song
At 17, this Brisbane singer-songwriter’s combination of electronic synths, catchy beats and hazy vocals had him sitting comfortably on the top of Triple J Unearthed’s charts. And for good reason, both Wander and Cloud Song are stunning tracks. The latter being my current favourite, with these lyrics: “I lost my patience with the sea, the water tried to kidnap me” I look forward to seeing how he develops his sound over the coming years. Sines is set to release his debut EP later this year.

Mt Warning – Midnight Dawn
Instrumentally, Midnight Dawn has a rich sound that continually builds throughout the duration of the song, with the well paired male and female vocals complimenting one another. I know very little about this music project, except that it features M Jack Bee, and now I want to hear more.

Little Casino – Parks
The five piece band from Byron Bay/Brisbane have won me over with Parks; a catchy ambient rock tune that highlights Ben’s vocals. Bows and Arrows is another superb track, and it’s the first single from the forthcoming second EP (due out late 2012)

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