Three for Today #16 – (M. Jack Bee, The Trouble With Templeton and Taxidermy Hall)

We meet again, blog of mine. Here’s some Australian music that has been keeping my ears happy.

Farewell – M. Jack Bee
I have my housemate to thank for placing M. Jack Bee’s EP In Loops on my desk. You’re onto something good when you can listen to the whole CD without skipping a song, and I actually struggled to pick just one to feature. Bee’s vocals are raw and his lyrics full of emotion, it’s a working combination. I’m almost tempted to buy a ticket to Pete Murray’s upcoming tour purely to see M. Jack Bee play. Almost.

Bleeders – The Trouble With Templeton
The Trouble with Templeton is the moniker of Brisbane’s Thomas Calder. When I first heard Bleeders I could have mistaken it for Whitley. That’s not a bad thing, especially as the song evolves into something quite different. The build up in the song and Calder’s vocals in the chorus as he sings “Let if off/Run along” won me over. TTWT are touring with the lovely Skipping Girl Vinegar this Oct/Nov. Melbourne, you will be at the Northcote Social Club on Friday October 14th.

Gambler – Taxidermy Hall
I stumbled across this song on YouTube, and instantly hit repeat when it finished. Rob Dickens is Taxidermy Hall. Taxidermy Hall is something special. With its delicate vocals and soft synths, for five minutes and eleven seconds Gambler steals your undivided attention. (it’s an alternative version to the White Birds & Lemons song – one of Dickens’ other bands) If Taxidermy Hall is “the sound of 4am in your headphones” then I never want to take mine off. I highly recommend taking a listen to Pan. Hopefully we’ll be hearing more of Taxidermy Hall, it’s too good to go unnoticed.


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