Three for Today #15 – (Tash Sultana, Charlie Mayfair & Arbori:)

Australian music is great. You know what’s not so great? Sabi and regular blogging.

Tash Sultana – Treading Water
An open mic night is to thank for this discovery. While my best friend and I were forced to endure some off key and eardrum piercing vocals earlier in the evening, the night redeemed itself when 16 year old Tash Sultana hit the stage. Treading Water opens with an impressive guitar instrumental with Sultana’s strong yet soulful vocals kicking in just after the two minute mark. Highly recommend her EP. Damn talented youngsters.

Charlie Mayfair – Tell Her
Earlier last year yours truly wrote about this Brisbane band. Looking back on what I wrote, I fully support my claim that this is one hard working band. Tell Her is the latest release, and I was hooked from the first few seconds with the whispering and building drum beat. Charlie Mayfair live is even more impressive, the professionalism and pure talent the band posses should be envied by musicians, and adored by audiences. Charlie Mayfair are currently on tour. Dates here. Melbourne, see you at The Empress on Friday September 2nd.

Arbori: – Biology of Memories
I know very little about this band, except these three points. 1) They’re Sydney based. 2) They play good music, think folk/jazz. 3) They use Twitter. The last point was included because that’s how I came to hear of them. The fragile vocals and arrangements in Biology of Memories might not instantly grab you, but the song deserves a few good listens and you’ll come to appreciate it later. I look forward to hearing more from Arbori:.


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