Three for Today #14 – (ft. Jacob Wylde, John Lingard and The Twoks)

I have a confession to make. I’ve been listening to Gotye’s Somebody That I Used to Know on constant repeat since it was released. Not quite, but in all seriousness how great is that track?

Here’s a few others that I’ve been enjoying..

Jacob Wylde – My Soul
Triple J Unearthed is a great source of Australian music, and I have it to thank for a lot of my music discoveries. Roots singer/songwriter, Jacob Wylde is one of them. There’s something raw and emotional about My Soul, with its arrangement and the emphasis of the guitar, Wylde’s vocals tie it all together. I’d also recommend having a look at this video which features violin. Oh, and did I mention he’s 14? What were you doing at that age?

John Lingard – Electric Strike
Although we’re both currently in the same program (FreeZA Central Mentoring Program) it was only recently that I heard John Lingard’s music. I’m annoyed it took this long. Electric Strike is such a strong track that compliments Lingard’s unique voice. My favourite line is “In your love I feel at home, electric strike let it be known” The song is on the Mixtape CD which features songs from the performance mentees and mentors. Lingard will be performing at the graduation/Mixtape CD launch. August 4th at the East Brunswick Club. Details here.

The Twoks – 240 volts
Now for something a little different. Melbourne art-pop duo The Twoks are a breath of fresh air. The new single, 240 volts is an upbeat, toe tapping track which features some fantastic looping with an electric violin. The Twoks sound great recorded but let me assure you, the live show is something completely different. Something amazing. You should make an effort to get to a show even if it’s just to see Xani in a onesie. The Twoks EP launch is at Northcote Social Club this Friday July 29th with support from Elephant Eyes.


2 responses to “Three for Today #14 – (ft. Jacob Wylde, John Lingard and The Twoks)

  1. I just posted then accidentally navigated away from the page before it finished loading.
    So here I go again 🙂
    I was so underwhelmed by Gotyes latest single at first buy like a fungus it has grown on me. I esp have loved the groove and torque in his vocals, it’s so emotive. I was a quicker fan of Eyes Wide Open but maybe not bigger
    I’ll check out the tracks u mention here…excited

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