Three for Today – #12 (ft. The Hazelman Brothers, Nikki Thorburn and Little Scout)

Listen to some new music, or don’t.

Milk – The Hazelman Brothers

Eyesight Like an Owl is the debut album from three brothers, The Hazelman Brothers. A stunning debut. With 3-part harmonies and twelve well written tracks, I’m annoyed it took me this long to listen to them. Milk, a song that tells of ‘the heartbreaking firsthand experience of poverty in Cambodia’ is my personal favourite. I’m unsure whether it’s the vocals, the harmonies or the story behind it that continually draws me back to the song, but it’s definitely left a lasting impression.

Walking in Circles – Nikki Thorburn

Nikki Thorburn is a young Sydney singer/songwriter who you are more than likely going to hear a lot of in the future. With such distinctive vocals and an upbeat tune, Walking in Circles is a step in the right direction. With a little help from Ollie McGill (The Cat Empire) in late 2009 her debut EP To The Place was recorded in Melbourne. A video for Walking in Circles has recently been released, check it out on YouTube.

We Are Walking Out – Little Scout

We Are Walking Out
is a refreshing reminder of how great Brisbane’s Little Scout are. This (relatively) new song highlights the gorgeous vocals of Melissa Tickle complimented by beautiful harmonies and an emphasis on drums. Having previously released two EPs, the new single is taken from the forthcoming album, which I eagerly await the release of. Little Scout are currently on tour with Parades. See them in Melbourne this Friday April 15th at the Northcote Social Club.


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