Three for Today – #11 (Stu Larsen, Emma Louise and The Belligerents)

The delay continues once again. Ideally, I would be posting a bit more regularly but count yourself lucky I’m still posting.

Before I begin, I’d like to encourage all you Melbourne folk to get along to Bar 303 this Friday the 18th for Owls of the Swamp’s single launch. Details here.

Now, get some Queensland music into you.

                                                           Stu Larsen – Paper Sails

Stu Larsen has the songs, the stories and the live shows to make a good musician; in fact he’s a great musician. The only downside is that he seems to have continued along unnoticed. (Pay attention Australia.) Paper Sails is the newest release, and what I believe to be a step forward for him, musically. An organic arrangement with beautiful vocals and harmonies. Nice one, Stu.

                                                            Emma Louise – Jungle

Emma Louise’s music surpasses my expectations from a nineteen year old. Take for example, Jungle, vocals that are powerful yet delicate at times, a good arrangement and a killer chorus. Emma Louise encompasses a sense of maturity well beyond her years which is reflected in her song writing. If this single is anything to go by, I’m keen to hear her debut EP (which she recorded with Mark Myers from the Middle East) It’s out in April. You can catch Emma Louise supporting the always amazing, Boy & Bear this May.

                                                The Belligerents – These Hands

Admittedly, I was a bit hesitant to listen to this track when the words dance and punk were mentioned. Any readers of this blog may have noticed a favouring to the folk and acoustic genres. I don’t regret the time I took to listen to The Belligerents, I’m glad I did. These Hands is an infectious track; it’s well constructed with an interesting selection of samples. However it was the percussion and use of cowbell that got me hooked. These Hands features on The Belligerents debut EP, Less Arty, More Party which is out now. The band head out on tour at the end of this month.


One response to “Three for Today – #11 (Stu Larsen, Emma Louise and The Belligerents)

  1. Top choices Sabbi! Stu Larsen is playing a charity gig in Sydney on 31st of March to raise money for the QLD floods which is sure to be amazing. Very Exciting!

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