Three for Today – #10 (Israel Cannan, Charge Group and Inland Sea)

Well, it sure has been a while. Apologies. I’ve been a little busy a project of mine, Maths and Magic but thought it was about time I updated this blog, especially with all the Australian music floating about.

Israel Cannan – Walk

The name may sound familiar as I’ve previously mentioned Israel Cannan‘s side project, The Young Lions. On the outside you could easily label him as just another typical solo acoustic singer-songwriter, but knowing your style isn’t always a bad thing. Cannan’s vocals perfectly suit the roots and folk genre with somewhat of a natural approach while his lyrics only compliment the songs further. Cannan’s currently on tour, full details here. Special mention to the Perth show on March 1st and Melbourne on March 19th. Go see him.

Charge Group – Lullaby for the Apocalypse

Charge Group’s debut album, Escaping Mankind made it into my top 10 albums of 2008 and for good reason. Put simply, it’s an amazing record which over the years I’ve found myself growing increasingly fond of. ‘Lullaby..’ is chaotic, with vocals and instrumentation to match the build up. In a recent interview with FBi radio, Charge Group announced a second album is to be released sometime this year, hence wanting to introduce you to them now. After getting a snippet of what the new songs sound like (such as Broken Sunlight) I eagerly await the new record, and hope a tour follows.

Inland Sea – All Fall Down

Ten band members, you heard me right, ten! That in itself is an accomplishment but Brisbane’s Inland Sea’s debut EP Traitor proves it’s worth the hassle to fit on stage. You may have heard single All Fall Down on Triple J with its strong vocals and lush harmonies. The band utilise the ten members talents to create not only a memorable song, like All Fall Down but a strong debut EP. Well worth the praise it has received so far.


2 responses to “Three for Today – #10 (Israel Cannan, Charge Group and Inland Sea)

  1. hey, was reading your post on Charge group, have you seen FBi put up a version of broken sunlight like 2days ago, pretty cool

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