Best Australian blogs of 2010

Everyone one is making a list and checking it twice, gonna find out who and what was the best in 2010. While I could compile a list of the best songs, EPs, albums and gigs of 2010 I’ve decided to do something different and focus on my fellow music bloggers.

So I present you with sabi’s list of best Australian blogs of 2010. It features ten of my favourite blogs, that this year I found myself continually reading rather than updating my own. (Sorry readers!)

In no particular order:

Lauren, Lauren, Lauren. In all honesty it was the blog name that first grabbed my attention (Darren Hanlon song!) but then her posts secured said attention. And I thought I was obsessed with music..

2. Me, and All My Friends
Miks (and all his friends) blog regularly AND with great tracks, from international to Australian with a variety of genres thrown in between. Though I’ve noticed a theme (perhaps an interest) of remixes and electro tunes – not always my cup of tea but I’m enjoying the selections!

3. And Pluck Your Strings
Another blog name that got me, (lyrics from Blood by The Middle East) and the third Melbourne blog on my list. You can tell Lachy (like others) is a passionate music fan, what I like most about his blog is that the posts are detailed, and his gig reviews are always a great read!

4. On The Tune
Jeremy lives in the middle of nowhere and likes music, a lot. Young Jeremy took part in the Optus Sound Scribe this year (a great achievement) but it’s nice to see him continuing his album reviews and mixtapes on On The Tune.

5. Buried By The Buzz
Now for a Sydney blog – Buried By The Buzz. Giselle’s blog is slowly encouraging me to listen to music other than just Australian music, with her interviews, live reviews and other posts. Job well done.

6. Music For The Laundromat
Interviews, gig reviews and more reviews! Bianca has just about everything covered over at Music For The Laundromat. The focus on local Brisbane music is just one of the many reasons I find myself catching up on the latest posts.
7. Purple Prose
I have musician/radio host and blogger, Walter to thank for introducing me to some amazing Adelaide bands, in addition to a few Australian bands I had yet to hear of. His blog posts make me wish I was a better writer. Thanks Walter.

8. Timber and Steel
A relatively new blog, Timber and Steel is bringing readers the best of folk (and more) both international and Australian. The focus on upcoming bands and artists is what keeps me happy.

9. Who The Hell Are They?

Who The Hell don’t need an introduction. If you’re a fan of Australian music surely you’ve heard of (and visit) this site. With a great team of writers, Who The Hell are all over new Australian music.  Thanks for featuring some of my friends, and for introducing me to great Australian music!

10. The AU Review
Larry Heath and his team bring you music coverage from all around Australia. TheAUreview is a great source for interviews, album/EP reviews, gig reviews, photos and more.  I personally think we’re lucky to have theAUreview around supporting the Australian music scene and I hope there’s many more years to come.

To those featured, thank you for making me question why I even have a blog. In all seriousness though, keep up the great work and for those of you who I’ve spoken to or even had the pleasure of meeting this year, thanks!

To my readers, thanks for er…reading my blog? Don’t forget to check out more great Australian blogs in my links section! Here’s hoping 2011 will see me post a bit more often..


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