Melodica Festival Melbourne

“The Melodica Festival was established in Melbourne in 2007 driven by a desire to create a genuinely attentive space for songwriters to perform, interact and network in, whilst fostering a sense of genuine community and artistic kindred-ship in an increasingly challenging industry.”

I just really like the idea of this festival, The Melodica Festival. What’s even better is that it takes place THIS WEEKEND in Melbourne, featuring a stellar lineup of Australian musicians and it’s entry by donation. What more could you want? A great venue? Done. See you at the Welsey Anne this Saturday 13th and Sunday 14th of November. Music starts at 3pm!

Saturday 13th November
Kate Walker, Pete McCracken, Nicola Lester, Ben Revi (SA), Tash Parker, Ainslie Wills, Leroy Lee (NSW), and The Bon Scotts.

Sunday 14th November
Tim Scanlan, Jehan (NSW), D.A. Calf (The Book of Ships), Emma Davis (NSW), Lucy Hall (NSW), The Promises, Aluka, and Mijo Biscan (Lamplight)


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