Three for Thursday – #9 (Boy in a Box, Kins and Gotye)

I know, I know. It has been a while. But rather than miss another week, I thought I’d do a (real) quick blog post to keep you all happy. Good? Great! Moving on… the three picks this week all share something in common. They’re all Melbourne based! I love Melbourne..

                                                           Boy in a Box – Moon Comes Up

I’ve been hearing this song a lot on Triple J but only recently worked out who it was. The band is fronted by Tobias Priddle (The Inheritors) who, after relocating to Melbourne found himself with a new project, Boy in a Box. With a catchy as chorus “Watch the moon come up, and the stars come out, just like crazy kids…” plus strong vocals and an upbeat vibe the band’s single Moon Comes Up is sure to get its fair share of airplay over the coming months. Hopefully some Melbourne gigs will follow. The single is on iTunes now – hop to it people!

                                                                         Kins – The Bold Frown
Formerly in Oh Mercy, Thom Savage’s newest musical endeavour is Kins. While Fade Bird, Fade is the lead single, The Bold Frown is the one that I find myself listening to again, with its delicate vocals, sweet melodies and guitar hooks. It’s a shame there’s only three tracks on the Myspace page (plus a demo on the blog) as I’m keen to hear more. On a side note, a little bird told me there may be a video for Fade Bird, Fade being released soon so keep an eye out for it. The 4 piece band launches the new single at The Birmingham on November 6th. Entry is only $8. See you there, maybe.

                                                                Gotye – Eyes Wide Open

I feel like I don’t have to write much about this song, just do yourself a favour and listen Eyes Wide Open. What I will say is my housemates are probably sick of hearing it, as I may or may not have been listening to it on repeat. Gotye is back, and it’s about time. Now if only the 2011 album release would hurry up. You can download the track for free at the link above, while you’re at it why not download the new video free from iTunes. Gotye will be playing at Laneway Festival next year. I’ve got my ticket, have you?


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