Three for Thursday – #8 (Young Men Dead, James Teague and Montpelier + The Key of Sea)

I may not be posting as regularly as intended, but hey, I’m still here and as usual always listening to music. This week I bring you some tunes that have embedded themselves into my music collection, and my mind.

                                                                Young Men Dead – My Sister

Right from the intro this song hooks you in. The percussive beats slowly build up as vocals are introduced. The first lyrics, “You’ll have a hand in my death/just like I’ll have a hand in yours” echo throughout. The result is a capturing start. Dean and Beaver make up the Brisbane duo, Young Men Dead who are responsible for this track, My Sister. If you’re a fan of Vampire Weekend, Passion Pit or Yeasayer, than this is a band worth taking the time to listen to. With Muscles supports coming up, you’ll soon be hearing more of this duo, I’m sure.

                                                              James Teague – Turn Your Back

When I first heard of Perth singer-songwriter, James Teague (via Triple J Unearthed) he was playing under the pseudonym, The Diversity. Among his uploaded demos was We Are Lost, with such distinctive vocals and the charm of a harmonica, it quickly gained high rotation. Similarly, the new single Turn Your Back featuring cello and violin is soon to join that group. While he lists the likes of Elliott Smith and Bob Dylan as influences, Teague brings a refreshing change to the singer-songwriter path many attempt to succeed in. If I haven’t convinced you to take a listen yet, I should add he’s just as captivating live as he is on recordings.

                                                                  Montpelier – The Rafters

I’m always open to new Australian music suggestions, especially when they’re good suggestions. I have Brisbane musician Stu Larsen (check out his music) to thank for this discovery, Brisbane’s Montpelier.  The Rafters is a great introduction to Montpelier, a strong indie/pop track that relies on the vocals and harmonies, which are enhanced by the piano-driven approach. This is a track that makes me want to buy their EP. Unfortunately, I missed them last time they were in town as I was in Sydney. But I’m keeping my fingers crossed for another Melbourne show soon.

Before I end this post, I just wanted mention a new project that has sparked my interest, The Key of Sea. “Australia’s best known and brightest young artists are about to join forces with some of our finest migrant and refugee musicians to create a truly unique album.” Responsible for the project is Hugh Crosthwaite and AIR’s Nick O’Byrne. The likes of Tim Rogers, The Vasco Era, Sarah Blasko, The Philly Jays and Skipping Girl Vinegar feature on the collaboration album, due out November 11th. And i can’t wait to hear it. Follow The Key of Sea on Twitter for updates, or join the mailing list.


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