Three for Tuesday – #4 (Amanda Merdzan, Scott Spark and Ange Takats)

Tuesday is the new Thursday. According to me. But hey, I got another blog post out in the world…eventually. So all is well.  

                                                         Amanda Merdzan – Missing Home

Three years is a long time in the music world, well in any world really. As a musician, one would hope over time you would have improved and not become a distant memory, or worse on sale in the JB Hi-Fi clearance bin for $1.99. It’s fair to say Amanda Merdzan has improved over the years, having seen the EP launch of her former band Shake Angel in 2007 and supporting Skipping Girl Vinegar in 2009. Admittedly, although she has developed as a singer/songwriter when I received a copy of her debut album, Into The Gallery my expectations were somewhat average but I listened with open ears, curious to hear the end result. What I heard was a great debut with a consistent strength through it, complimented with well crafted lyrics and melodies. While the ‘heart-on-sleeve/indie folk’ style is one many attempt, Amanda is setting herself apart with this debut. Key tracks include Missing Home, The Last Song and To Know You. Amanda launches the album at Mojo’s Bar along with Dux & Downtown and previously blogged about the Veescars and Goodnight Tiger on August 20th. You should be there.

                                                              Scott Spark – The Truth

The truth is I like Scott Spark’s music. The Truth is also the title of this Brisbane singer / songwriter/keyboard whiz’s new single, a great little indie/pop tune. One Sunday afternoon in February, and my second day in Melbourne, I found my way to the Empress leaving the St Kilda Festival early to attend Scott Spark’s residency gig. Good choice, I was not disappointed. Anyway, as I was saying, The Truth is the new single from his forthcoming debut album Fail Like You Mean It out September 3rd and there’s a great video for it. While you (and I) wait for the release of the album, why not buy/listen to his Kathleen EP. Scott Spark is supporting Washington on her upcoming tour (Perth friends take note) but also playing his own headline shows in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne.

                                                          Ange Takats – Brown Shoes

I leave you with some folk goodness from Brisbane’s Ange Takats; foreign correspondent turned folk singer. Brown Shoes from her debut album, Aniseed Tea is among my favourites, a track for Op Shop lovers it features a beautiful string arrangement that perfectly compliments Ange’s voice. Listing influences such as Joni Mitchell and Neil Young, Ange Takats’ music is somewhat simple yet rememberable, and deserves a spot in your music collection.  Ange plays at Vote for Folk at the Bella Union, Trades Hall in Melbourne with the Hazleman Brothers and Ellen Kibble on August 19th.


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