Three for Tuesday – #3 (Cullen, [ME] and Mushu)

As predicted I missed a Thursday, so much for keeping up with this. But hey, i’ve got Tuesday to catch up and will hopefully bring you another edition of Three for Thursday, this coming Thursday. Maybe. No promises.

For now, treat your ears to these three.

                                                           Cullen – Easily Impressed

Melbourne’s Cullen, formerly known as Stuart Cullen first caught my attention back in 2007, or maybe it was 2008? Sometime then, he was being featured on Triple J Unearthed and had four tracks on Myspace, one of which was Come On Come On (a personal favourite). The musical world of Stuart Cullen and his synths seemed to go quiet after that. Thankfully, in the past two years it seems Cullen has teamed up with new management/label and disappeared to London (and Sydney & Melbourne) to record his debut album. The first taste is Easily Impressed, which showcases Cullen’s ability to blend together an array of guitars, keys, synths and drums complete with soaring vocals. It also hints at how much he has developed as an artist. Yep, I’m impressed.

                                                             [ME] – Your Favourite Colour 

It’s all about [ME] , no not me, [ME] the band. A friend of mine first introduced me to Melbourne band [ME] earlier last year with track, Working Life. Described as “over-the-top theatrical rock with piano, some orchestra and loads of vocal harmonies” [ME] provided a refreshing change to my iTunes playlist. Upon moving to Melbourne and finally seeing them live, I learnt that [ME]’s real talents lie on stage.  This is one band you should really, and i mean really see live. [ME] have returned with new single, Your Favourite Colour and while it’s already been played on repeat, it’s got me curious to hear more. This Saturday, August 7th they launch the new single at the East Brunswick Club, and in most capital cities over the coming weeks, but not Perth. I’m glad I moved.

                                                                   Mushu – Neap Tide

While I listen to a lot of Australian music, sometimes the good ones slip past my radar. Sydney band Mushu were one that went unnoticed until their second EP landed on my doorstep. Opening track Neap Tide is a favourite, Simone Macarounas’ vocals are complimented with sweet harmonies and arrangements. While it may take some time to grow on you, with each new listen it becomes apparent this EP delivers more than one strong track. Mushu are currently touring America, then onto Canada. I don’t think this is the last you’ve heard of Mushu yet, just the beginning.


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