Three for Thursday – #2 (Autumn Gray, Dan Webb and Charlie Mayfair)

Welcome to the second edition of Three for Thursday. Yes, I’ve actually kept up with it. I’m as surprised as you. This week I bring you bands from the “bands I’ve been meaning to mention for ages” category. Enjoy.  

                                                       Autumn Gray – Fool Me Once

Seven band members on the one stage? I’ve had the pleasure of seeing Autumn Gray live several times since moving to Melbourne, and surprisingly they all manage to find a way to fit on stage. Despite possible personal space issues, the upside to having a large band is diversity; they incorporate a range of instrumentation with two main vocalists. Fool Me Once taken from debut album Diary of a Falling Man is one of my favourites, it builds up to the horn section and chorus, making it one memorable track. Catch Autumn Gray this coming Saturday, 24th July at the Evelyn Hotel for their album launch.

                                                          Dan Webb – Way Out

You know those people you’re a bit envious of because they are either younger or just a little bit older and have already achieved way more than you? 20 year old Dan Webb is one of them. Hyperspace Clearance, the second EP from Melbourne’s Dan Webb is due out in September and first single Way Out has already got me demanding more. Webb has the ability to create catchy, alternative rock songs with the refreshing sound of keys; it seems playing the piano since he was five has paid off.  If the energy he displays in his music is anything to go by then it makes sense he’s among the top of my must see live list. 

                                                         Charlie Mayfair – Run

Last but certainly not least, Brisbane’s own Charlie Mayfair. It was the band bio that first caught my eye; “Think Joni Mitchell eating fairy bread made by Fleetwood Mac served at Arcade Fire’s birthday party while Glen Hansard slow dances to The Beatles..” thankfully the music kept me around. The first single from their debut EP Watch My Hands was Run; a strong folk-pop song complete with sweet harmonies, perfect for a Sunday afternoon stroll. There’s one more thing to be said, Charlie Mayfair make me feel as though they’re a hard working band. If something needs to be done, either put in 110% or don’t even bother, which seems evident in their recordings, promotion and hopefully on stage.


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