Three for Thursday – #1 (Rockets, Tash Parker and Split Seconds)

In an effort to make me blog more often (and about more) I’ve made up Three for Thursday (hey, it’s Thursday as I write this..) No doubt on some occasions, it may become Three for Tuesday.

Rockets – San Francisco (demo)

Upon first listen to this demo track I was hooked, so much so the following lyrics still won’t leave my mind; “Where do dreams go, when they got nowhere else to go? To San Francisco.”  Sydney band Rockets (formerly Rockets Explode) have been kicking around since 2007 and this demo is just one example of a quality indie rock song, filled with strong vocals and catchy hooks. Rockets are currently in pre-production for their debut EP due out later this year. I’m just going to say this once, get on board now people.

Tash Parker – Not Unprepared

One Tuesday night back in June, Melbourne’s Tash Parker took to the stage and within minutes I was captivated by her voice and songs. When Wally De Backer (Gotye, The Basics) joined her onstage for songs such as Not Unprepared, I began to wish her set was longer, their vocals complimenting each other beautifully. Exploring contemporary folk and pop elements, Tash Parker’s music invites you in while the lyrics and vocals keep you comfortable. With J.Walker (Machine Translations) among the collection of Melbourne based musicians and producers involved with the recording of her album, I eagerly await its release.

Split Seconds – Paper Boy

A quick glance of the band line up reveals members of New Rules for Boats, The Veescars and The Bank Holidays (and there’s probably more.) Having just listed three amazing Perth bands, it seems we have a new Perth super group, and they’ve got the music to justify that claim, take for example Paper Boy. Well crafted lyrics, an array of instrumentation and strong melodies make for a great combination. In only a few months of existence, Split Seconds have already supported the likes of Little Red, Cloud Control, and Dan Kelly. My only problem is I didn’t get to see them when I lived in Perth. Here’s hoping for some Melbourne tour dates in the not so distant future.


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