We Grow Up

With so much Australian music being suggested to me, I often find myself buried under a never ending pile. Here’s a quick post about one band I should have taken another listen to back when they were first suggested to me, many months ago.

Residing in Adelaide, indie pop band We Grow Up has been kicking around the music scene since early 2007. The band begun with Anthony Golding and Jonathan Mortimer, later joined by drummer Tom Mackay. The recent addition of guitarist/singer Walter Marsh now completes the line up for this four piece band.

On first listen of Celia, (from second album Night Kitchen) The Decemberists spring to mind but We Grow Up quickly push this comparison away, as the band build the song up and create a unique tune. As I go to press replay, there’s no doubt in my mind as to why Steph Hughes of Triple J rated it 5 out of 5 stars on Triple J Unearthed.

What interests me about We Grow Up is their ability to redevelop their sound and arrangements whilst maintaining the strong songwriting, as suggested by older track Office Christmas Party (2007) to new single The Flowers (from Kids in Love; third album due sometime this year). We Grow Up show they have what it takes to produce quality songs that you’ll continue playing.  

With a variety of press already raving about We Grow Up, one can only hope the release of the third album will result in even more press and a larger fan base. I plan on adding We Grow Up to my music collection now, as should you.


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