Young Werther – Around the World

                                                            Photo by Made Visual

A release that received quite a lot of rotation and still does is Young Werther’s mini album, Treasure’. Thankfully, two years later the debut album ‘Knights of the Department Store’ is only days away.

In February, along with the announcement of signing to Melbourne label PopBoomerang Records, new single ‘Around the World’ was released. Last year, Young Werther posted a video of an acoustic version shot by the always amazing Shoot The Player. Let’s just say it was replayed many times.

And so when I discovered ‘Around the World’ was the new single, admittedly I was a bit hesitant to listen as I liked the acoustic version as it was. However, after a few listens the album version quickly joined the acoustic version as a favourite and how could it not? With backing vocals by Georgia Fields, Hazel Brown (Otouto) and Nick Huggins and produced by Nick Huggins and Young Werther, ‘Around the World’ received the revamp it needed. It explores a more pop/rock side but still hints at the song writing and the melodies that made you a fan to begin with.

I’m yet to get my hands on the debut album but if ‘Around the World’ and newly added songs to Myspace (‘The Great Outdoors’ and ‘Chivalry for Beginners’) are anything to go by, I can see it fast becoming a contender of my favourite 2010 album releases.

Young Werther is heading out on tour, catch him at:

Melbourne  Fri 23rd April – East Brunswick Hotel  
Sydney Sun 25th April (SOLD OUT) – Raval
Sydney 2nd Show  Mon 26th April  – Raval
Ballarat Thurs 29th April – Karova Lounge
Brisbane Sat 1st May – Alhambra Lounge
Queensland Sun 2nd May – Peregian Beach
Geelong Thurs 6th May – Beav’s Bar
Adelaide Fri 7th May – The Wheatsheaf

‘Knights of the Department Store’ is available April 10th through PopBoomerang Records.


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