Parades and Seabellies

Don’t you just love a good co-headline tour?

Kudos to whoever decided on “The Young Cubs & Past Lives” tour line up as Sydney’s Parades and Newcastle’s Seabellies hit the east coast.  

Last month Parades were signed to Dot Dash, announcing debut album “Foreign Tapes” would be released in early April. This Sydney band featuring Dan Cunningham, Tim Jenkins, Michael Scarpin and (a name you may be familiar with) Jonathan Boulet. Both “Dead Nationale” and “Invaders” received strong reviews from Triple J Unearthed, resulting in the band playing Big Sound 2009 . Parades’ achievements don’t end there, they’ve toured the east coast with Gomez and played Homebake, Peats Ridge and Field Day just to name a few. New single “Past Lives” suggests a good year ahead for the band, the mixture of pop harmonies and electronics will have you eagerly awaiting the album release in no time.

It was single “Heart Heart Heart Out”  that made me rediscover Newcastle band  The Seabellies after downloading a few of their tracks the previous year on Triple J Unearthed.  Featuring six band members, (Eddie Garven, Kyle Grenell, Trent Grenell, Sean Kelleher, Antony Martin and Steph Setz) these Seabellies won the Garage to V competition in 2007 and since then have played festivals such as One Movement and Peats Ridge.  The words ‘controlled choas’ has been used to describe the multi-instrument setup and with indie/pop singles “Orange X” and “Young Cubs” you’ll be itching to see them live.  Debut album “By Limbo Lake” (recorded by Wayne Connolly – Josh Pyke, The Vines, Silverchair) is due for release in May.

I’ve had the opportunity to see both bands live before, and I encourage you all to go along. But wait, there’s a catch. The playing order of each band won’t be decided until the evening of the show – so make sure you get there early so as not to miss one!

(click below for tickets)

Thursday, March 18 -Oxford Art Factory, Sydney, NSW
Friday, March 19 – Grand Hotel, Wollongong, NSW
Sunday, March 21 – Cambridge Hotel, Newcastle, NSW
Saturday, March 27 – John Curtin Hotel, Melbourne, VIC
Thursday, April 1 – The Clubhouse, Brisbane, QLD
Saturday, April 3 – Plus One, Adelaide, SA (The Seabellies only)


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