The Veescars

Having just made the move from Perth to Melbourne, I can’t help but feel a tad homesick and so a (Perth) blog post is due. It just so happens I have the perfect band for this post.

I stumbled across The Veescars sometime in 2008, almost thinking at the time that the band were no longer. Thankfully it seems they were just planning for a huge 2009.

Rewinding back to 2006, it was the year the Veescars were formed. A prior collaboration between singer Maynard Inkster and guitarist Tom Varian, the pair were soon joined by drummer James Trewenack.

Fast forward to 2009 and the then trio had found a new bass player in Jamie Kuzich. And “after years of gigging, recording and unfilled promises” in November the band finally released debut EP Lucy; a creative realisation, a reflection of reality and surreal dream like sequences.

The Veescars made it into the final of the Path to Laneway Competition earlier this year which isn’t suprising considering the well crafted catalogue of indie/pop songs and even stronger live performances. Personal song favourites include Handsome Pair and Love is a Loser but there isn’t really a song that disappoints, which becomes apparent as i find myself hitting repeat on all four songs, wishing there were more. For a taste of their tunes, head over to Triple J Unearthed.

With a debut EP under their belts and a change in line up, (Andrew Ayre replacing Jamie on Bass) there’s no doubt The Veescars are destined for a big year ahead. If you’re in Perth add this band to your must see live list and who knows, maybe one day i’ll see them in Melbourne.


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