Kate McMahon

On a recent family holiday I found myself at the beginning of a 3 hour car ride. To my left sat my 2 year old brother, his hand reaching out eager to share his half eaten tiny teddies. Behind me my 6 year old brother, a constant murmur “How much longer?” coming from his direction. Brothers’ aside, my iPod was my preferred choice of company and despite a rather large catalogue of songs I was replaying 3 songs by Melbourne’s Kate McMahon.

Upon my return it became apparent 3 songs was not enough, fast forward a few weeks and Kate McMahon’s self titled EP had a new home in my CD player; its envelope (as the case) just one of the charms. 

Although she lists influences such as Holly Throsby, Regina Spektor and Fiona Apple, Kate McMahon creates her own style of indie/folk/pop as proved by the 6 songs on the EP; which take “you on a journey through her private fantasy world of six-car pile-ups, playdough, sleazy boys and snow-frosted toes.” Standouts include Six-Storey Caryard Apartment Block and Girls Like Sleaze. Kate’s honest and somewhat quirky lyrics bring to mind Lily Allen and Kate Miller-Heidke comparisons (it’s no wonder she was shortlisted for the Vanda & Young Songwriting Competition) while her piano compositions prove she’s a talented musician. This self titled EP is one that is sure to grow on you, you may find yourself relating to the lyrics, or at least find yourself remembering them.  

Her bio states “(Kate McMahon) can now be found playing around small bars in North Melbourne and in her bedroom” lets hope she plays more gigs than those in her bedroom, as these songs are too good to be kept inside.

For a sample of Kate McMahon’s tunes head to her Triple J Unearthed page and if you want a copy of the EP contact her on Myspace. Catch her live at the Big Night For A Big Cause on Thursday 26th November.


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