Georgia Fields

Georgia Fields

I knew of her only by name at first; her name often appearing on lineups with Young Werther or amazing designs by Luci Everett. At one stage I found the time to look up this name and was welcomed by the sweet tunes of Melbourne’s Georgia Fields. As with most songs, they were listened to and enjoyed, then added to my ever growing music collection, only surfacing in the occasional iTunes shuffle.

Thankfully, my interest remerged upon hearing the new single One Finger from her forthcoming album. Her distinctive vocals and array of instrumentation provides the perfect platform for Georgia’s storytelling. The b-side is a live cover of Guns N’ Roses Sweet Child O’ Mine; my thoughts of it being just another cover diminished quickly as Fields creates her own, unique version. The song also hints at her ability to entertain on stage, grasping the audience’s attention.  

For those in Melbourne, you can catch Georgia Fields as she supports The Good China on Thursday September 17th at the Toff.  One Finger is available now on Itunes and includes b-sides Mood to Dust and Sweet Child O’ Mine (live)


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