Two weeks of gigs

I went to Sydney and Melbourne for a holiday.

Red Ink
Red Ink at My Filthy Riot

It seemed only perfect that my first gig over east was My Filthy Riot, boasting a lineup of Australian bands I made my way to The Annandale Hotel on Saturday June 27th. Highlights included Zeahorse, Aleesha Dibbs and The Cairos as well as previously blogged about Red Ink.  Lead singer John Jakubenko was amongst the most energetic of the night, tracks Kleptomaniac and Audrey were well received amid the audience. Sydney’s Sierra Fin were another highlight, vocalist Russ Tainton even joining some punters on a couch at one point as he continued singing.

The following night I returned to The Annandale to see Jack Ladder supported by Teeth & Tongue and Kid Sam. The latter being a definite highlight for me, We’re Mostly Made of Water a brilliant live track.  I also admit to not being familiar with a lot of Jack Ladder’s music but was blown away by his stage presence and his set, a worth while gig to attend as he travels around the country this month.

On Thursday July 2nd I found myself at the Oxford Arts Factory after several recommendations to see Sherlock’s Daughter. I was pleasantly surprised to find both Melanie Horsnell and Lamplight supporting, as well as Eva Popov and was not disappointed by Sherlock’s Daughter’s set.

Friday July 3rd saw me at Spectrum for Upside Down featuring Jackson McLaren, Joysticks, Ernest Ellis and Parades. Jackson McLaren took to the stage first, performing songs from his new EP.  During his set a punter from the crowd yelled “Who are you?” quickly Jackson responded “My name’s Jackson McLaren, nice to meet you” At times Jackson might come across as shy but he’s definitely comfortable on stage.  Parades, a band who have recently received some Triple J airplay ended the nights proceedings with a strong set, which included songs Dead Nationale and Invaders.

After waiting in line for a while, I eventually walked into the Oxford Arts Factory to the sweet sounds of Deep Sea Arcade playing on Saturday July 4th. Philadelphia Grand Jury took to the stage next with pre recorded messages, having cancelled a support few days prior due to illness, their stage presence and energy made me question if they were even really sick. Tracks like I’m Going To Kill You and Going to the Casino (Tomorrow Night) had this all ages audience singing along to the lyrics, lead vocalist Berkfinger even joined the crowd at the front of the stage during their set. Although Yves Klein Blue performed a strong set, personally Deep Sea Arcade and The Philly Jays proved to be the highlights of this gig.

Having caught up with Sydney musician mcArtney a few days earlier to assist with a photo shoot by Mary Luckhurst (sssealegs photography)  I looked forward to seeing him on my last night in Sydney. Playing at El Rocco (formerly known as Bar Me) this small, quaint venue complimented mcArtney’s set perfectly as he performed tracks Circles and Set Your City, even using Brendan (the ukulele) for a new song.

The Good ChinaThe Good China at The Evelyn

My first and only gig in Melbourne couldn’t have been better as I made my way to the Evelyn for The Good China’s second week of residency. Opening the night was Rich Davies from Spun Rivals, followed by  Detective Social. Having witnessed The Good China’s soundcheck I knew I was in for a good night. The eight members performed tracks like All Nothing and A Million Little Pieces, encouraging the audience to get up and dance. Before no time their set was over much to the dismay of the audience but unlike me, they can all return this week for another amazing gig.


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