Timothy Carroll

Timothy Carroll

With so much Australian music around, it’s hard to keep track of it all. I’m never short of something to listen to these days and with that being said, my blog posts are somewhat selective. As much as I’d love to write about everything I listen to, I can’t, so instead I endeavour to blog about those that (at the time of listening) stand out among the rest.

I was recently sent a new CD, among others (courtesy of Mucho-Bravado) on it was a name I recognised but whose music I was unfamiliar with. Upon listening to the album, my first thoughts were, why haven’t I heard this before? I’d like to introduce you to Timothy Carroll and his album For Bread & Circuses

I could rave about how much i adore this album, it’s been on constant repeat; a mixture of genres – folk, soul, country with inspiration from early Tom Waits.  But I’ll leave you with this, Timothy Carroll’s biography reads “One of Brisbane’s best kept secrets” so go have a listen now, before Triple J pick up a track and everyone knows about him. For Bread and Circuses is available on Itunes or through paypal on Timothy’s myspace.

Gig dates:
23rd June – supporting Paul Dempsey, The Troubadour, Brisbane
10th July – supporting Washington, Sydney Opera House Studio
19th July – Album Launch, The Troubadour, Brisbane


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