En Tout Cas


Although forgotten for some weeks among other newly purchased cds and downloads, Out of Time by Melbourne’s En Tout Cas (pronounced “On-Tu-Ka”) quickly joined the high rotation list; a strong indie rock track, complete with catchy lyrics. As lead vocalist Jimmy Cain sings the lyrics “drifting away” you’ll find yourself singing along in no time.

With Jimmy Cain on vocals and guitar, the lineup of En Tout Cas is completed with Dave Cameron on vocals and guitar, Skube Burnell on drums and Marc Stubberfield on bass and vocals.

Early this year En Tout Cas recorded a 5 track demo called Elevater, featuring tracks such as Out of Time and Quarter Sins it’s definitely worth your money, or in this case as it’s available for free download it’s worth your time to download. Just head to En Tout Cas’ myspace page to download the demo.

En Tout Cas play with Red Ink at The Edgy, Melbourne on June 7th.


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