The United Tour – Review


The United Tour – 01/05/09 @ The Hyde Park Hotel

Punters made their way to the Hyde Park Hotel a little earlier tonight as doors opened at 7:30pm with the gig starting at 8pm sharp, not your average rock n roll gig.

Sydney’s mcArtney opened the night’s proceedings with At Least Now I Think I Know accompanied by Tara Simmons on backing vocals. His indie pop tunes providing a refreshing start to the night. Coby Grant, Simon Kelly and Edward Guglielmino joined the two on stage for mcArtney’s second song Set Your City. It was during this song about Sydney that the audience got the first chance to see the five musicians on stage together.

Four of the musicians left the stage as Brisbane’s Tara Simmons performed her song Ballet with only her keyboard, her voice captivating the audience. After Tara’s second song, it was fellow Brisbane musician Edward Guglielmino’s turn on stage, playing Swam in the Water, his vocals, mesmerising, each song showing diversity in his vocals yet still familiar. A highlight of the night would definitely be Edward’s onstage comments including, ‘I’m not an alcoholic though and it’s okay because I’m a musician. Anyone with a problem just pick a guitar. Oh, he’s unemployed, it’s okay, he’s a musician.’

Melbourne’s Coby Grant performed her song Heartbeat solo, one that seemed popular among the audience and her stage presence suggested she’s comfortable performing live. When the others joined her for her second song Young Love, mcArtney mentioned it was probably the biggest crowd they had played too so far.

Perth’s Simon Kelly took to the stage, opening with a cover of Damien Rice’s Cannonball, explaining he better do a cover just in case anyone had actually read the media release. Simon Kelly finished with Darkness, his roots/reggae style added more variety to the already amazing styles of these musicians.

Not wanting to be one to ruin the rest of the tour, I’ll keep this review short. After a 10 minute break, the musicians returned and in the last hour each performed two more songs, treating the audience to songs such as Train by Simon Kelly, Lion In Your Head by Edward Guglielmino and Circles by mcArtney.

The night may have encountered a few sound problems and a bit of awkward silence but perfection would have ruined it, the gig was different and that’s what made it memorable. Why showcase just one musician when you can unite five of Australia’s next favourite musicians on stage together. Here’s hoping other tour organisers take note of The United Tour and we see something similar in the future.

The United Tour was a chance to see the way musicians interact and perform with one another, strangers just a week ago.


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