Red Ink


There’s so much Australian music out there but just not enough time to appreciate it all. That being said, I often find myself re-discovering bands that I loved months ago but just haven’t listened to lately; Melbourne’s Red Ink are one of those bands.

Recently making it into the finals of the JD Set, indie pop rock band Red Ink are finally starting to receive the attention they deserve. One of the bands more popular tracks with close too 25,000 Myspace plays is Kleptomaniac, full of catchy lyrics and energetic tunes, one can only imagine this would be a great track live. (it can be downloaded for free from Triple J Unearthed) In Love On A Park Bench, the energy is turned down a bit revealing the diversity in John Jakubenko voice which when combined with the talents of the other members, James Munns on bass, Brendan Jones on guitar and Aaron Sim on drums results in another memorable song.

Thankfully Red Ink will be playing in Sydney when I’m there. Mark Saturday June 27th @ The Annandale in your diaries!

Stay tuned to Red Ink’s blog for the release of their new clip for debut single ‘Audrey’


One response to “Red Ink

  1. thanks so much for the writeup.. oh and glad you enjoyed the annandale show.. so incredibly chaotic being such a small stage, but we got there… look forward to our next encounter. x

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