Wons Phreely



Last night i went to The Moon in Perth, Wons Phreely was playing as part of The Moon’s ‘Going Solo’ gigs on Wednesday nights. Although it had taken a couple of years, i finally got the chance to see Wons live. 

 Playing to a room filled with people talking and eating dinner wouldn’t be that easy, combine it with not playing live for 6 months and you’re bound to have some problems. However Sydney’s Wons Phreely took up the challenge with ease, armed with a guitar and harmonica, he treated the audience to a range of songs from both his EPs ‘To Begin With…” (2005) and “The Rules of Nature” (2007) even testing out a new song titled “Manny You’re My Sweetheart”  And thankfully the audience were responsive, joining in with the clapping during songs.

Wons’ set proved he’s capable of grabbing audiences’ attention and maintaining it, even if they’re eating dinner.

Hopefully it’s not too long before Wons Phreely plays in Perth again.


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