Goodnight Tiger



Another band that played at The Moon, although I missed most of their set there was definitely something there that encouraged me to find out more. Goodnight Tiger is made up of Jill Chrisp and Perrin Date with both sharing guitar and vocal duties. I was surprised to discover that they’ve only been playing together for a couple of months and only recently started performing in Perth.


Thankfully they’ve uploaded some tracks to Triple J Unearthed, with more songs available for streaming from their Myspace page. The strongest track and easily my favourite would have to be ‘After Hours’ their captivating voices explore a variety of shades, keeping you interested and when combined with the simple arrangement and strong lyrics, the song soon becomes one you find yourself listening to on repeat.  

And with influences such as Washington, Felicity Groom and Abbe May, there’s no doubt given time Goodnight Tiger will receive national attention just like their influences have.

On another note while at the gig I wondered why they looked familiar and only today worked out that Jill’s involved with a YouTube channel called the 5 Art Bits which I’m a subscriber of and you should be too!


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