The United Tour

If there’s any gig worth heading along to this year, it would be one of these. The United Tour will see five musicians tackle six states. Although it might not be the biggest tour of the year, there are plenty of reasons why you should attend and here are three;

1.) Five Australian musicians (worth keeping an eye on) are playing, Tara Simmons (QLD), Edward Guglielmino (QLD), mcArtney (NSW), Coby Grant (VIC) and Simon Kelly (WA),

2.) These five musicians will share the stage, as the press release explains “They will perform their own songs, sometimes alone, sometimes helping each other out with additional instrumentation, and perhaps even jumping in on a few covers together” making this tour stand out from the rest,

3.) And help support Australian music!!


So, you heard it from me, now what are you waiting for? Go buy your tickets and enjoy the gigs!

For more details visit The United Tour Myspace


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