Line Drawings


Quite a while ago now, a friend made me a mixcd and on it was a song called ‘Arthur’s Car’ by Ides of Space. Although the song soon became a favourite, it took me a while before I bothered looking into the band, unfortunately when I finally did Ides of Space were no more.  The demise of Ides of Space fortunately resulted in some members starting a new project called Line Drawings.


Patrick Haid, Mark Ayoub, David The and Mick Laws are the four lads that make up Sydney’s Line Drawings and they have just released their self titled debut EP which explores the diversity the band have to offer, from indie rock to hints of folk, this EP is receiving high rotation on my Ipod. Personal favourites include ‘Whatever Side’ and ‘November’ but you’ll just have to listen to decide yourself.

bsd0071.  Atmosphere Flies
2. Concrete Gardening
3. November
4. Card Games
5. Whatever Side
6. Talking Out Of Tune

(There is also a video for ‘Atmosphere Flies’ which you can see here.)

I leave you with this suggestion, rather than spending money on chocolate eggs (that you don’t need) this easter buy this EP instead and continue supporting Australian music!

Line Drawings’ EP is available to buy through their myspace page.


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