Shipwrecks, Owls and Good China.

Nick Huggins, he’s one of those musicians that blows you away upon first listen, sadly he’s yet to fully gain the recognition and airplay he deserves. His debut album ‘Shipwreck LP’ was released in 2007 and is one of my new favourite albums. I read this review by Declan Kelly which perfectly describes this album: “Sometimes, from right underneath you, comes a record so honest that at first you find it confronting. After multiple listens, that honesty is what you desire; the bare vulnerability of the songs is what you crave and becomes the factor that separates that record from the hundreds of others that are unleashed upon the world every day.” Nick’s lyrics such as those in ‘The First Letter of Your Name’ and ‘The Sea Adrift’ remain in your mind and continue to draw you back; every song is worth a listen on this album.

The Good China have only been around since early 2008 but they’ve received a lot of attention and that’s not because there’s 9 people in the band. Their track ‘All Nothing’ has received Triple J airplay thanks to Triple J Unearthed, it’s a song that will definitely get you up and jumping around, or if you’re not into that, foot tapping and hand clapping. The Good China goodness doesn’t stop there, ‘A Million Little Pieces’ explores the diversity of the band a more soft side yet still memorable. They may have trouble all fitting on stage at a gig but the increase in numbers brings a unique twist to the band, the range of instruments and change in vocalists make this band one worth keeping an eye on and seeing live!

Owls Of The Swamp aka Peter Uhlenbruch, is another hidden Melbourne gem who’s toured overseas and in Australia. I finally own a copy of his debut album ‘Smoky Bay’ and I was pleased to discover the amazing Luci Everett has done the artwork for it too. Inspired by trips to Iceland, the album paints a honest and intriguing picture while hints of influence by Nick Drake and Sigur Ros surface, Peter’s voice is diverse and refreshing throughout the album. Tracks like ‘Heart Of The Mountain’ and ‘Meet Me At The BSI’ are strong indications of Peter’s ability and I look forward to his next release.

If it’s simply just having the chance to see these 3 live regularly, I cannot wait to move to Melbourne.


One response to “Shipwrecks, Owls and Good China.

  1. Hi sabi, thanks a million for all your compliments. I know you’re going to have a fantastic time in Melbourne! and may I say you have impeccable taste in music 😉

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