Best of ’08

I just voted for Triple J’s top 10 albums of the year (vote here) It wasn’t easy but, in no particular order here are my top 10 albums:


Josh Pyke – Chimney’s Afire
British India – Thieves
Firekites – The Bowery
Skipping Girl Vinegar – Sift The Noise
Sparkadia – Postcards
Charge Group – Escaping Mankind
The Boat People – Chandeliers
Little Red – Listen To Little Red
Youth Group – The Night Is Ours
The Basics – Get Back

While voting, a few other bands came to mind but they hadn’t necessarily released an album so here are my top 5 EPs; aussie talent at its finest.

Cloud Control

Little Scout – Dead Loss
Dave Hosking – Marmalade Hill
Cloud Control – Death Cloud
The John Steel Singers – In Colour
mcArtney – Volume 1

And then finally, the top 5 gigs;

l_6a9dae1e2ffc98aff1d0f2ed92a64fcaKings of Leon (side of stage!) at Southbound

Big Day Out
Whitley @ Mojos Bar
Angus & Julia Stone @ The Perth Octagon Theatre 
Jez Mead & Selk Hastings @ The Indi Bar


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