No, I’m not writing about Paul McCartney (you’ll notice a missing ‘c’) instead this entry’s about Sydney’s own Tim McArtney aka mcArtney. Next month will see him play in Perth for the first time and as I’ll be interviewing him for Colosoul Magazine, here’s a lead up to that.

Having toured and been involved with other people’s bands (including Melanie Horsnell and Firekites) mcArtney managed to find time to record his own work; in March this year mcArtney released his debut ep ‘Volume One’ It’s only available online through mcArtney’s website and Itunes.

1. Welcome
2. Circles
2. Friend
4. I’ll Come & Get You
5. At least Now I Think I Know

mcArtney list some of his influences as The Beach Boys, Jeff Buckley and Ryan Adams, however he manages to draw the line between influence and his own work as each song from ‘Volume One’ reflects mcArtney’s distinct pop indie vocals and narrative lyrics. One of my favourites from the EP would have to be ‘At Least Now I Think I Know’ with extra vocals by Gabrielle Huber (Dead Letter Chorus)  There’s only one downside to this EP, 5 songs just isn’t enough.

The first single from the EP is ‘Circles’ it’s already received play on Triple J and so it should; it’s quite a catchy song. The first line, ‘you wanna chase and I wanna dream’ has been stuck in my head for a while now. The clip for ‘Circles’ is also one of my favourites, ( it features sock puppets!!

Here’s the dates for mcArtney’s WA shows:

Friday 7th Nov – w/ Simon Kelly. Altitude, Dunsborough. 8:30pm. solo.

Saturday 8th Nov – w/ Warren Paige. The Swan Basement, Fremantle. 8:30pm. solo.

Stay tuned for my article, you’ll find out why Tim only released his EP online and if he’s got an obsession with sock puppets.

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