Josh Pyke

Josh Pyke’s new album Chimney’s Afire hit the shelves on Saturday, now I could write a review on it but it’d be bias, extremely bias. Anyone that knows me knows how much of a legend I think Josh Pyke is, in fact my page pretty much explains it with 3,834 Josh Pyke plays. Haha. So instead I’ll just leave you with my favourite songs and insist you buy a copy (even if it’s just to read my name in the thankyou notes. Haha)

                                               artwork by Emma Van Leest
My favourites so far – The Summer, Don’t Wanna Let You Down, Candle in Your Window and Our House Breathing. It’s been good hearing the beginning of Candle in Your Window for the 3 mobile ad.

Also, fans of Josh Pyke: Join Friends of Josh Pyke, on Facebook and on Myspace.

And for those of you in Sydney, Josh is doing an instore this Friday 10th of Oct – 1pm @ Virgin Megastore, 343 George St, Sydney.  

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