Little Scout

For a band that’s only been around since autumn this year, Little Scout are on a roll. They’ve been featured on Triple J Unearthed, their track “Dead Loss” getting rotation on Triple J and they made it to the Brisbane MTV Kickstart semi-finals. So, why all the fuss? Buy a copy of their ‘Dead Loss EP’ and you’ll see why.

Artwork by Lila Theodoros and Melissa Tickle.

In the opening track “Festival” Melissa Tickle’s gorgeous voice grows on you, add some sweet music and catchy lyrics “He was kissing all the girls with the pigtails and blushing cheeks” and the opening track is a winner, hooking you in to keep listening. The second track on the EP is “{Crowded Street}” a well composed instrumental which flows into the beginning of “Dead Loss” No doubt if you’re a fan of Triple J you’ve heard “Dead Loss”; the third track on the EP which gives other band members Kristy Tickle and Miro Mackie a chance to show their talents . Things get better as Patrick Elliott shifts from backing vocals to lead vocals for “Train On Time” which changes things a bit keeping listeners interested. Then it’s back to Melissa for the last two tracks “The Dress” and “Seven Day Week” As the EP ends, you’re left wanting more of these sweet pop tunes Little Scout create. 

The “Dead Loss EP” is available at Rocking Horse Records in Brisbane City, Red Eye Records in Sydney and Itunes. Those of you in the Brisbane area, be sure to check out Little Scout supporting some fantastic bands:

Oct 17th – Supporting Yves Klein Blue and The Holidays @ The Zoo, Fortitude Valley, Queensland
Oct 23rd – Acoustic set with Cuthberth and the Night Walkers and Hungry Kids of Hungary @ The Troubadour, Queensland
1st Nov – Supporting Cloud Control and Swaying Buildings @ The Troubadour, Queensland


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