Young Werther


If I needed another incentive to move to Melbourne in 2010, i’d listen to ‘Treasure’ a mini album by Young Werther (otherwise known as Mick Young)   

                                                                              Artwork by the amazing Luci Everett

Having hung up his footy boots and leaving behind dreams of a football career, Mick pursued another interest, music. From 2000 to 2005 he fronted The Restless and after the band disbanded in 2005 it took Mick a while to find another creative outlet, until he eventually formed Young Werther, named after one of Johann Goethe’s characters.

Again, myspace is to thank for this discovery, it’s not often you come across a musician whose music stops you in your tracks, or so to speak.  I was continually drawn back to Young Werther’s myspace, spending hours replaying his songs, there’s just something about them, both refreshing and calming that draws you back for another listen. I eventually got my hands on a copy of ‘Treasure’ and it’s been on high rotation since.

In tracks like “Cornish Green” and “Bird Made of Ice” Mick’s mesmerising voice and descriptive lyrics paint a tale, leaving you with beautiful, vivid imagery. You’ll soon find your money was well spent. You’ll also understand why Young Werther was a feature artist on Triple J Unearthed, his lyrics captivating audiences, leaving them wanting more.

And with demos on myspace like ‘Little Death’ and ‘Poor President’ it’s obvious Mick’s talents don’t end on ‘Treasure’, he’s got a lot more treasures, up his sleeve.

For those lucky enough to be on the other side of Australia and near these venues, I suggest you go:

1st Oct – The Palais –  Hepburn Springs, Victoria
10th Oct– GreenFest, South Bank, Brisbane
15th Nov – The Empress Hotel w/ Maxine Kauter, Melbourne

‘Treasure’ is available on Itunes or head over to Young Werther’s myspace and order a copy.


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