Dave Hosking

It’s safe to say, I’m a sucker for acoustic songs so when I came across Dave Hosking his demos were soon on high rotation. This 21 year old from Sydney has just released his debut EP, ‘Marmalade Hill.’

Artwork by Deluxe Studios
The cover art itself is amazing but there’s more to this EP than the cover. Rather than just acoustic tracks, this EP sees Dave Hosking include a range of instruments such as keys, cello, double bass and backing vocals. And with the likes of John Butler, Josh Pyke and Xavier Rudd as his influences, ‘Marmalade Hill’ is sure to win some fans.
Track listing:
1. Feet Tied Down
2. Soldiers
3. Up and Running
4. Apple
5. Sitting In The Water


Opening with Feet Tied Down, this quite upbeat catchy song, will get your feet tapping and soon you’ll be singing along, a strong track for the EP, one which will get people listening rather than switching off.  Next Soldiers, the new version is a bit slower but with the addition of instruments it’s still my favourite track. Up and Running is a good example of Dave’s clever lyrics and singing ability with a nice mixture of instruments. There’s a good balance of upbeat and slow songs in this EP. Apple itself is a good slow song, with the cello included however it’s the backing vocals of Kathryn Logan that really complements Dave’s voice and ties this song together. The EP finishes with Sitting in the Water, with the lovely addition of a kid’s choir at the end, who help with the backing vocals. They end with laughing and you’ll probably find yourself laughing as well, I did anyway…



Debut EP ‘Marmalade Hill’ out now, visit www.myspace.com/davehoskingmusic for details.






6 responses to “Dave Hosking

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    • Hi Maria,

      Dave himself sent me a copy of the EP so i wouldn’t have a clue how to purchase it. My only suggestion is messaging him through the Boy & Bear myspace page (www.myspace.comboyandbearmusic) and he may be able to let you know how to get your hands on a copy. 🙂

    • Holy god, I would love a copy as well. Let me know if you do manage to get your hands on one. That would be super dooper awesome!

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