Please note, Manyana have now changed their name to Georgia Fair.

Manyana consists of two 19 year olds, Jordan Wilson on lead vocals, guitar, harmonica and Ben Riley on vocalsand guitar. These two met in highschool, their common musical tastes resulted in them experimenting with and later forming Manyana; an acoustic folk band with a unique sound.

To date they have not released an EP however I’ve been reassured that it is coming. They have previously worked with Australian Rock Legend and ARIA Hall Of Fame Inductee Brian Cadd and recorded their first demo.

A friend request on myspace by the band in November 2007, directed me to their page and that’s where i first heard ‘Good Fortunes’ an acoustic song sung by Jordan who’s voice has some similarities to Melbourne artist Whitley, with the husky sound and lyrics that will remain in your head for days.  

Other original tracks on their myspace include:
‘Bacca Box’
‘Yes You Can’,
‘A Dog’s Life’

And although the above songs are well written and just as good as ‘Good Fortunes’, it was when they  added ‘Something Easy’ an upbeat, catchy song that i became a bigger fan. This song is a small sample of what the band could achieve in the future, just give them a few more years to really refine their lyrics and music.


Keep an eye out for Manyana and if you’re in the Sydney area be sure to catch one of their gigs.



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